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We are excited to introduce you to the line-up of fun and colorful Soltron Conversion Kits.


Now Soltron customers can enjoy the same range of cutting-edge innovations developed for 

the Ergoline line of tanning beds, while staying with the fun and colorful names and designs Soltron is known for.


Here are some of the innovation highlights now available to you for Soltron branded tanning beds:


LED Light Show 

The LED Light Show mesmerizes with its dynamic color schemes that can be set to match salon décor while the sunbed’s dramatic angles and designs complement this stunning illumination.


Intelligent Performance

This revolutionary UV tanning concept achieves the most even and intense color by taking the position of the lamps into consideration and adjusting the output accordingly.  For an all-around deep tan with beautiful consistent color.


Exterior Control Center with NFC Connect 

The exterior Control Center offers quick and easy handling for the operation of your tanning bed. The combination with NFC Connect takes customer service and ease of operation to a new level: Bring a VIP experience to every session with the NFC Personal Comfort Cards, so your tanners can easily save their preferred settings for future sessions. 


Professional Set-up Manager 

Use the Professional Set-up Manager to efficiently and conveniently manage your tanning bed settings and transfer them via NFC Connect to other Ergoline or Soltron tanning beds equipped with NFC.


The Soltron conversion kits include a set to convert the backlit logo to Soltron and add a typical Soltron motif to each tanning bed.

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