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Available in all XL and M Series tanning beds: XL-200/20 Shark, XL-70 Chill, M-55 Wave, M-55 Race and M-50 Spirit.

What sets Shark Technology apart from other facial tanning units is its special filter glass that reduces heat and glare, optimized reflection of UV ratio for powerful performance, and computer engineered geometry of each individual facial unit for perfect tanning symmetry.

Developed in-house and combining years of tanning bed experience with the latest scientific research, Shark Technology blends extreme high efficiency and comparatively low power consumption. To ensure professional control of this concentrated power every facial tanner with Shark Technology has a power switch with 3 settings plus off, but no serious tanner would want to turn this off completely! These changes reflect the Soltron tanning philosophy: intensive UV-A output with an optimal percentage of UV-B rays for a perfectly natural tan that leaves clients in awe of the results!

The geometry of the individual facial tanner units is optimized using state-of-the-art computer engineering (ray tracing), which results in optimum UV distribution for every part of the facial area. However, the real highlight of the Shark Technology glass reflector system is its extremely effective UV output. Only UV components that produce a positive tanning effect are reflected towards the tanner, while unwanted heat passes through the glass reflector and flows to the back of the unit. Hot Spots that normally cause the face to get uncomfortably warm have been eliminated. This creates tanning uniformity that blends the facial area with the rest of the body for the most natural looking tan possible. Tanning clients will appreciate less thermal heat and brightness while still getting a phenomenal tan in the facial area. Shark Technology pleases new tanners with its level of comfort and rewards experienced tanners with superior results. Soltron's UV expertise is unequaled!