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The sun couldn't do it better itself!

The face needs more tanning power than any other area of the body. That's why we constructed the new, cutting edge, Soltron Shark Technology facial tanner along with the Soltron 2 facial tanner.

The Soltron models with facial tanners produce concentrated power from three or four units at 400, 500, or 520 watts each! That much performance needs control - which in turn requires longstanding experience in filter technology. The Shark Technology and Sotron 2 filters have been specifically designed to do it all! They ensure a balanced proportion between pigment formation and direct tanning. They expand the exposure area of the high-pressure tanner to the throat and neckline area. The UV rays are more uniformly and widely dispersed for a natural looking, even tan and a smooth transition between facial and body tanning.

We are the experts, plain and simple. The result is an intense, long-lasting tan that will make every body more radiant!