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Itís no secret that creating eye-catching marketing and promotion material is vital to the success of your salon. That is the reason why Soltron has marketing support for tanning professionals. From an extensive selection of photos you can use to create your own material to the posters and postcards.
Soltron is known for the unique appeal of our beds as well as for the world-class product photography thatís combined into an exquisite design.

Download the latest pictures of Soltron sunbeds here!

You may choose between high (300dpi JPG), medium (140dpi JPG) and low (72dpi JPG) resolution.

We recommend editing these image data only with professional graphic programs (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) or contacting your agency or litho-institute.

If you use the internet explorer as browser click on the corresponding picture with the right mouse button (or Strg/Ctrl + mouse button if you use a Mac) to download the picture and follow the commands "Save link as" and/or "Download link to disk".

XXL-110 Blueberry BluesXXL-105 Kiwi KingXXL-95 Chili PowerXL-80 Magic MelonXL-75 Flying OrangeL-65 Charming CherryM-60 Banana BeachS-50 Peach PartyS-55 Queen BerryS-45 Hot PepperXS-40 Strawberry StarXS-35 Coco CabanaXXS-35 Seashell SilverXXS-30 Mango TangoXXS-30 Papaya KissV-55 Citrus CityV-55 Big AppleVS-65 Tangerine TownVS-55 Pineapple Park

XL-200 SharkXL-70 DanceXL-70 Wild CatXL-70 ChillM-55 WaveM-55 RaceM-55 ShoutM-50 GenieM-50 SpiritM-40 TouchdownS-45 Hot PepperS-40 ChampXS-45 FlirtXS-35 KissV-60 ShuttleV-50 Space Cab

Please remember to send us a copy of the pictures after printing to the following address:
JK Products & Services, Inc.
Attn: Marketing Department
1 Walter Kratz Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401