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Thousands of successful salons have used our free analysis to help better understand all areas of the Sun Business.

Opening a New Salon?

Expanding an Existing Location?

Considering Buying or Selling a Tanning Salon?

Vital information on salon operations is available free of charge through JK-North America’s Salon Business Analysis. Since 1985, thousands of tanning salons, health clubs, beauty salons and day spas have used this detailed analysis to better understand the Sun Business. This valuable free service will help answer questions and provide insight into your unique business situation including:

  • How to calculate the operating cost of each tanning session with regard to lamp usage, electrical consumption and general equipment maintenance.
  • How to properly estimate fixed expenses on a monthly and annual basis.
  • How to determine the salon's maximum capacity and percentage of capacity utilization required to break-even.
  • How to effectively price tanning sessions, packages and membership programs.
  • Salon traffic seasonality study, cash flow on a monthly and annualized basis.
  • The contribution of additional profit centers such as lotions, accessories and sunless tanning.
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Even if you do not have all information on the location readily available, we can provide estimates using industry averages to complete your analysis.

* JK Products & Services, Inc. makes no guarantees on income, return-on-investment, market conditions, performance, etc. with any undertaking using its products and services. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Information is provided for comparison only. Results will vary.